Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Meaning of Wealth Management:

Wealth Management is an integrated financial service which helps to manage clients’ wealth. It includes different services that depend on wealth managers. But generally it includes financial planning, investment portfolio management, retirement planning, loan or mortgage management, debt management, estate planning, tax management and cash flow management.

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Wealth management is the advising process of achieving the financial goals of affluent clients by providing the appropriate financial products and services. And also Wealth management involves coordinating a team of experts to address the needs and wants of affluent clients.

Dimensions of wealth management:

  • Family Continuity
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Risk Management
  • Integrated Planning
  • Investment Diversification
  • Lifestyle Enhancement

Budget & Cash Flow Planning

In simple terms, cash flow refers to the inflow and outflow of money. It is a record of your income and expenses.

Cash flow planning refers to the process of identifying the major expenditures in future (both short-term and long-term) and making planned investments so that the required amount is accumulated within the required time frame.

Cash flow planning is the first thing that should be done prior to starting an investment exercise, because only then will you be in a position to know how your finances look like, and what is it that you can invest without causing a strain on yourself. It will also enable you to understand if a particular investment matches with your flow requirement.

Cash flow plan brings you face-to-face with what you should ideally be saving, and investing in a systematic and regular manner, and what would it mean to you to withdraw from your portfolio after a couple of years. It brings down in numbers what your financial future has in store for you, and gives a clear view (as much as is possible with inflation and the interest rate scenario).

We give concrete advice on how to manage money so money doesn’t manage you.

Loan & Debt Management

Taking a loan is part of almost everyone’s life these days. It could a car loan, home loan, business loan or personal loans to fund a variety of personal needs. Let’s be upfront – its sometime difficult to live a decent lifestyle today without meeting with a loan disbursement company at some point in time.

Taking a loan also means having to pay it back – with interest. The interest could be ‘fixed’ rate or ‘floating’ rate. Whichever way it is, you need to pay it back normally as fixed monthly installments or in lumpsum, or usually a mix of both.

These re-payments eats into your regular ability to save, while also commiting you to a certain lifestyle during the re-payment period. A good liability plan will go a long way in making this journey an easier one.

  • How can I become debt free?
  • Should I go for pre-payment of my loans?
  • What is the healthy debt to asset ratio? What is my ratio?
  • How can I avoid getting into a debt trap?
  • Am I paying a minimal interest on all the loans?
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