Specific Goal Based Planning

Child Education & Marriage

As a parent, you would not like to compromise your child’s bright future regardless of the rising cost of living. Most of the parents start saving for child’s education from the birth of child, which is a great. You too need comprehensive financial planning for your child’s education/ developmental needs. Here is the 5 step guide for your child’s future planning.

  • set a Target Date
  • set a Target Amount in Today’s Term
  • find out the Amount you need on target date
  • estimate the return which you can get
  • generate over your investments
  • calculate per month Contribution

Buying a Dream Home

Owning a house has been a dream in almost all of us. But it’s undoubtedly a big decision in anyone’s life. There are few monetary aspects that matter in taking the big decision. Ask yourself the following questions before going to purchase a house:

  • What is the future value of the dream home I want to buy?
  • Will I have enough savings to pay Loan EMIs?
  • What will be the total cost of buying house?
  • Am I having adequate investments to make the make down payment?
  • Can you afford to take the extra burden or seem better to stay in a rented house?

    Analyze your monthly spending and judge your affordability.

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