Health Insurance

Basic Info

Throughout a person’s lifetime, it is not uncommon for health related problems to strike. These problems can be in the form of illness or disability requiring serious and/or constant medical treatment. While the financial planner cannot prevent the occurrence of these problems, he or she can, however, implement a risk management plan, which seeks to minimize the financial impact of such events.

In making recommendation to manage health-related risk, health insurance probably the most powerful tool that can be used to minimize the consequences. This is particularly so in the context today; where medical costs have escalated tremendously.

One useful approach to manage health- related risk is through the concept of mediclaim (hospitalization cover)

What is Health Insurance?

Mediclaim insurance is a cover, which takes care of hospitalization expenses subject to a maximum sum insured in respect of the following eventualities:

  • Sudden illness
  • An accident
  • Any surgery


  • Family discount
  • Cost of health check up
  • Income tax benefit
  • Premium and sum assured
Pay Renewal Premium
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