Business Loans

At Samruddhi Financial & Investment Service, we provide Corporate Loans and Leases that are customised to suit your business requirements. You can opt for a short term or long term finance which are not only quickly processed but also push your business to new heights.


  • Samruddhi Financial & Investment Service offers both short term and long term asset backed finance
  • Loans for acquiring new plant and machinery, undertake Brownfield or Greenfield expansion and other corporate purposes are granted
  • Loan tenure varies from 3 months to 5 years or above
  • Maximum funding up to 100% value of the asset
  • Multiple repayment options offered such as equated instalments, bullet repayment, balloon repayment and other structured repayment options
  • Moratorium period offered for the repayment as per the policy*

Eligibility Criteria

Based on detailed credit analysis of the proposal


Will include standard loan documents like DPN, PDC, Facility agreement, Security documents etc.

Pay Renewal Premium